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Harley created a genuinely excellent Adventure Bike with the Pan America, and Corbin has been a big part of that world for decades. Despite the remarkable tech and great bike design, the tush cushion from the factory turned out to be somewhat less than exemplary... Not that we're complaining.

Getting the ergonomics right on this one is challenging. Adventure bikes are tall by nature, and that creates a reach issue for a lot of riders. But in this case, the peg distance is a bit cramped while the reach to the bars is long, so having the correct body placement is critical. This predicament is complicated further with the admirable adaptive ride height feature.

Each one of our solo models will work with your factory rear seat or the companion passenger saddle. Our rear seat will also work with your factory front seat if desired.

The front and rear saddles are designed for maximum comfort value and support. We radically increased body contact area to give better weight distribution and eliminate hot spots and centralize pressure. Neutralized platforms help to curb sliding in the saddle, which in turn helps to reduce rider fatigue. If you're looking for something to support more aggressive offroad riding, we are also developing a Rally seat you'll find here soon.

Our front saddles are all cut narrow at the nose to provide easier ground reach and help you grip the bike with your legs... especially while standing on the pegs. All three models also allow the rider to sit further back when desired. 

The rear seat provides your passenger with the same seating benefits and also adds the ability to accept a removable backrest. Backrests are simple to install with a single bolt into internal hardware and adjust to rider profile for a tailored fit. Choose from a variety of backrest models to suit your taste and the amount of support desired (model #BR shown).

All components are built up with our exclusive Comfort Cell foam for a firm, supportive ride that lasts. Stock foam loses resiliency as you ride, while our foam remains resilient indefinitely. Over time (approx 1500 miles), Comfort Cell will break in to provide a custom fit to your profile.

Notice how the shaping of all components is designed to emulate the shape of your body. This gives excellent support for extended range and eliminates hot spots. We include genuine leather seating for a perch that breathes with your body and enhances comfort further. We offer a large variety of color and material options to choose from at no extra cost.