BMC / Corbin Touring Fairing for 2020-2023 Triumph Rocket 3

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Simple installation with complete instructions and all required brackets included. Brackets are painted to blend in nicely on your Rocket 3.


Includes your choice of 5" Smoked or 10" Clear windscreen.

Audio system is fully self contained within the fairing. You need only supply 12v power to the system with our included wiring pigtail.


Old School visual appeal blended with the Rocket 3 styling and combined with Corbin's attention to aerodynamic design. This stunning fairing looks great while giving excellent wind protection so you can go out and rack up mileage on your Rocket. Subtle sculpting makes it beautiful to look at. Another example of form and function expertly combined in Corbin fashion.

We started with a shape familiar to the fairing designs you've seen on cruiser models before, but upgraded for better aerodynamics. Notice how the fairing's shape starts at the headlights and flows back to part the wind more gracefully. This transfers the highest pressure area in line or behind the steering pin, which gives much greater stability at speed (a kind of rudder effect). This shape also brings the slipstream "bubble" further back to get you out of the wind.

As the fairing is designed to slip through the wind, it creates less turbulence and buffeting, which gives you a quieter and smoother ride than the standard plexiglass windshield. Naturally, this stability and low-pressure slipstream help to relieve fatigue associated with long days on the highway. It also helps to lower wind noise, which adds to the comfort value. Of course, the streamlined shape looks perfect on the standard Rocket 3 and the GT model.

Constructed using multiple thermoformed ABS skins, bonded together for a smooth, clean finish and durability. Corbin's Touring Fairing is then hand-painted to coordinate with your stock paint job. We offer the fairing in a single color or with GT style graphics for a little extra. Topped off with a smoked windscreen for a beautiful piece ready to install right out of the box. If you are a taller rider or just prefer a little more wind protection, we also offer a 10" clear windscreen in place of the smaller smoked one. Note, the 5" smoked windscreen is designed for the rider to look over the top while the taller windscreen is clear so you look through it.

Fairing includes a handy storage pouch on the rider's side to provide convenient access to small items like Sunglasses, Cell phone, or a pair of summer gloves.

If you're looking to keep the Rock rolling, we offer an audio kit upgrade for your Rocket 3 fairing. Using your Bluetooth device as the source, you'll have 500 watts of power at your fingertips. The dash-mounted controller gives convenient access to most functions so you won't need to fumble with your cell phone-- something quite tricky with gloves on. Included with your kit is a pair of JL Audio 5.25" Coaxial speakers pre-mounted in the fairing.

If you get the audio kit at the same time as your fairing, it will come with everything already mounted and ready to go. You will just need to provide 12v switched power during your fairing installation (complete instructions included). Naturally, the amp and controller are marine grade and suitable for your motorcycle. The amp itself can power four speakers if you feel like adding another pair somewhere else on the bike. Likewise, it offers a USB interface though you will need an extension cable to use this function.

Corbin's Touring fairing is simple to install with complete directions and all required brackets included. To assure a perfect look on your Rocket the brackets come painted to coordinate with the bike and give a subtle appearance. Installation can be accomplished by an average weekend mechanic.