Corbin / BMC GTO Saddlebags for 2015 - 2023 Indian Scout

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Left side: 23 liters
Right side: 28 Liters
Total width: 28"

Installation is simple using hardware and brackets that are included with the GTO saddlebag set. Stainless steel mounting studs and a black painted lower bracket install easily with common tools. Installation is perfectly suitable for a weekend mechanic. Complete instructions included.

GTO Bags work with your stock exhaust system or a variety of aftermarket pipes. If you are using an aftermarket set of pipes, please assure they mount no higher than the original system.

Installation of the GTO bags uses stock rear turn signals. Although many aftermarket turn signals may also work, our GTO bags have not been tested with any specific models.

These do not fit on Bobber models.

A radical, aerodynamic shape with Corbin design flair. We've taken generous storage and smoothed out the lines to visually integrate the saddlebags into the Scout look. Typical of Corbin engineering, the interior wall of the bag molds close to the profile of the bike to fit closer to the centerline than any other saddlebag on the market. This provides better load bearing, better balance, less width and a cleaner look. Like we always say... Form AND Function!

Corbin saddlebags are tooled up especially for each bike model so they're visually integrated. The flowing shape provides a bit of a Hot Rod flair and a look far cleaner than "one shape fits all" hard luggage. Corbin GTO bags for the Scout include a second paint color to match the color of the Indian chassis. Be sure to specify Textured Black or Titanium when ordering.

Notice how the Corbin mounting system keeps the bags close to the bike. We mold them in tight to the fender to carry weight in close for a better center of gravity and good balance. This design also keeps a narrower profile for less width to worry about when lane splitting.

We've designed them to fit very close to the fender, so there isn't room for the Indian passenger backrest (sissybar). With a set of GTO bags and a Dual Touring saddle, you'll be set to go touring on your new Scout. Don't forget to make sure your bike is setup with passenger pegs if you're bringing a co-pilot.

Our design team shaped them to work with your stock exhaust system, but they will work equally well with any system that has a profile lower than the stock pipe. GTO bags fit perfect and install simply with all brackets included. In the front, our bags are shaped to allow room for a passengers' legs. Interior wall fits the shape of the bike to keep them narrow and carry the shape around the rear fender. When loaded properly the bike remains stable at all speeds. Left side bag capacity is smaller in order to allow for sprocket clearance.

Both bags come completely lined to protect your cargo and feature locking doors for security. Designed to work with your stock turn signals. Manufactured of a durable polyurethane material, GTO bags are available in primer or prepainted to coordinate with stock paint and ready for immediate installation. Bag lids use thermoformed ABS they're more rigid and finished inside and out. GTO saddlebags work with your stock seat or a variety of Corbin seat models.